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Brooke Allen-Burnstein
Program Manager

Brigette Kirvin
Executive Director

As Executive Director for this amazing organization, I am so fortunate to combine two of my passions: running and working with kids. To lace up my shoes alongside these GOTR girls and watch the perils of adolescence melt into the pavement with every lesson and every foot strike gives me boundless joy. Crossing a 5k finish line for the first time is life-changing for many of these girls. Witnessing them grow in character and confidence along the way is life-changing for me.

Sarah Dennis
Program Coordinator

Through childhood and adolescence young girls are faced with an unprecedented amount of adversity and hardship. Girls on the Run holds such a dear place in my heart because they whole-heartedly want to be the teammate, mentor, listening ear, holding hand, and friend to so many young girls. GOTR guides girls into having confidence in themselves, their abilities and their futures. I come from an incredibly supportive family who has diligently guided me through these tough lessons and I love passing these priceless lessons to girls who may otherwise never experience them.

Board of Directors

Allison Masluk
Board Chair

I want every girl, no matter what age, to be confident in the decisions she makes in life. I take an active role in GOTRLV to make a difference because I believe that this program is making a positive impact on young women in Las Vegas. I am endlessly dedicated to inspire one girl at a time to embrace her inner spirit and lead a joyful, happy and confident life. During my time as a coach and having witnessed the program in action, I know we are making this difference. My favorite part of GOTRLV has been to hear the stories and see the faces of the girls, their parents and our fabulous volunteers and how Girls on the Run inspires them.

Lisa Yi
Board Vice-Chair

Working with an amazing team at Girls on the Run, I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to instill in girls the same core values and beliefs that I support personally, which guide my life and dreams. I am inspired by the impact and joy that comes from a group of diverse, compassionate people devoted to empowering the next generation of young girls and women. Within these young girls and women, there is a runner inside of each of them, no matter how fast or slow they hit the pavement, and are truly deserving of our time, attention and appreciation for all that they are.

Nicole Bungum
Board Member Emeritus

Every girl should have the opportunity to develop confidence, experience accomplishment, and feel empowered. Girls on the Run provides girls with these opportunities and so much more. GOTR is so much more than a running program. It helps girls lead joyful, respectful, happy and HEALTHY lives. I ran the 5K last two seasons ago with my then 9 year old daughter. It was her first 5K and she still talks about it! Seeing her learn that that with a little effort, you can achieve your goals was an amazing ‘mom’ moment. I am committed to helping grow GOTR in the Las Vegas area so that more girls in this wonderful community of ours can have this same experience.

Jennifer Arias
Board Treasurer

As the mother of three girls, instilling a sense of self confidence, empowerment, and a "can do" attitude is a priority for me. Working with Girls on the Run Las Vegas has allowed me to see these areas made a priority in the lives of hundreds of girls in the valley. Seeing our GOTR girls work so hard during the season and joining in their celebratory 5K at the end of the program fills my heart with such joy. I am excited for the day when my own girls are old enough to be part of the GOTR program and show off their GOTR spirit!

Krista McBrayer
Board Member

So many times in life, I have heard that I can be anything I want to be and do anything that I put my mind to. These are important lessons for all girls to hear but it’s even more important for them to have the opportunity to prove it to themselves. That is one of the things that drew me to be part of GOTR LV. I love the concept of reaching out and impacting young girls’ lives during such a pivotal time in their self-discovery. Every member of the GOTR team that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with has a genuine passion to empower these young ladies. I am blessed to be part of that. I have two children of my own and I hope that they feel empowered every day in every way. A wise woman once said that the word “CAN’T” should be considered the worst curse word in our language and I have to say that I agree. GOTR teaches these girls that they CAN.